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Sample Police Report The text below is an example of a police report. Notice the following points about it: It is written in clear, simple English. Dates, times and other details are recorded as precisely
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about them. The report is straightforward. Some police reports may contain information about the victim's sexual behavior. The writer of the police report avoids giving the victim more details than necessary. This is especially important because some victims may not feel comfortable discussing their sexual experiences with the police. The police report should be completed in a police station or police station office without assistance. The writer does not use "talk to" or "telephone" in place of "speak to", either in the report or elsewhere in his life. The letter is formal. The letter is not an informal note. All questions are written according to the police department's policy, which outlines how police reports are written and processed. The writer does not use terms such as "don't ask, don't tell," or "don't ask, don't tell" in the writing. The writer clearly communicates that he has given the report to the police department. The police report is professional. The letter must be written in such a way that the police will regard it as professional, and the police will not treat it as a personal note. The writer does not use the word "professional" to refer to the report, instead describing it as such. The writer takes care in choosing appropriate language. When possible, the writer speaks the language used by the police. When a writer is unable to write in a specific language, he uses words such as "the police", "the officers", or "the officers who took the report" in place of "the police" or "the police". The police report should be completed within 10 working days. The time needed to complete a police report varies depending on the size of the police department and the length of time since a crime occurred. The 10 working day time frame applies to all police reports and forms. The report should be completed as soon as possible. Some agencies require the police report be complete 30 days (30 days after the initial officer contact or investigation) before it can be filed. Some departments require the report to be not filed until the offender has been arrested. If the report should contain evidence of the commission of a crime, the evidence must be turned over to the police 30 days after the crime has been committed. For more information see State Law Criminal Discovery Act. If more than 10 working days have passed since the report was taken, the police department should be notified of the delay and the time available for completing the report should be increased from the time frame provided above. Notice of an upcoming investigation is not sufficient
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Deputies raid another Valley business looking for illegal workers for the second time in twelve months sheriff's deputies raided a paper manufacturing plant in Phoenix that early morning raid targeted undocumented migrants who used stolen or fake IDs to get jobs CBS 5s Donna Rossi is live from ten city where the people arrested today are being held Donna all afternoon bands have been showing up here delivering those arrested today just a little while ago Sheriff Joe Armies told me it may not be popular to target the employees especially under the Obama administration, but he's going to keep on doing it sheriff's deputies swarmed in before 6:00 this morning and moved out more than 150 workers of the Royal Paper Company we talked with one woman who asked us not to show her face I'm legal here, but I miss care for all my friends I'm all my relatives on for all their kids one by one the employees were lined up and checked out everybody was in shock because they didn't wanna you know City the one out being this the action came after a tip to MCO that the company was knowingly hiring undocumented migrants in a written statement royal paper company denied engaging in illegal employment practices the statement also said the company takes immigration compliance seriously and goes above and beyond the requirement of the law deputies arrested 44 employees 35 for felony identity theft we just arrested 44 people here illegally taking up jobs that's 44 jobs US citizens could take and don't give me this garbage nobody wants to do two jobs this is the 23rd local business rate conducted by the Sheriff's Office none has ever led to any employer sanction action that's a civil offense I would like to think that class for felonies are a little more important even though they just employees than a civil offense there were about 10 people arrested today whose only suspected crime was being in the state illegally they were turned over to ice agents who they have refused in the recent past this time did accept them reporting live outside of tent city Donna Rossi CBS 5 News all right Donna thank you and some people are looking to take advantage of today's raid this morning people started showing up hoping to get jobs that were vacated but yet these people heard about the raid on the news, and they came down looking for opportunity you know it's very hard to get a job right now very hard to get a job out there, and you know thank God for something like this that opens up windows and doors for people that are looking for work did I can give me a job I needed a job to go on pay my bills pay my child support Justin I was here for me the company is telling these people to check back in a week or so for possible
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